Orchard Boulevard MRT Station

Orchard Boulevard Station (OBV) is a proposed underground mass and rapid transit station. It will be situated on Thomson of East Coast Line at the border of the Tanglin, River-Valley and Orchard in Singapore. The station is owned by the Land Transport Authority and it is expected to begin operations in 2021. The station was announced in August 2012, but construction only began in May 2014. KTC Civil Engineering and Construction PTE Ltd was awarded the contract worth $142.5 million to construct the station by the Land Transport Authority. The station is expected to bring fast and affordable rail transport to residents and prompt further development of infrastructure in the area.

Orchard Boulevard MRT Station 120 Grange Road

Orchard Boulevard Station 35m wide and 117m long. It covers a surface area of 16,528m squared, with a formation level of +86mRL which is roughly 32m underneath ground level. The station is near Hotel Jen Tanglin, Tanglin Mall, The Regent Singapore and Camden Medical Centre. The well planned station has room for bus stops, taxi stand, and pick up/drop off points. Orchard Boulevard has two platforms which are arranged in an island platform mode. There are sufficient escalators, stairs and lifts to connect to the concourse above and cater for the needs of different people. 120 Grange Road condo is located near to Orchard Boulevard MRT Station. The developer for the project is Roxy Homes.

Orchard Boulevard MRT Station Thomson East Coast Line

Although the station is in a tunnel, it is very well air conditioned and it has full-height platform screen doors making it safe and comfortable. Due to its close proximity to surrounding buildings, traffic lights and land constraint, the station is being built with a top-down construction method. To stabilize the station due to the weight of the structures around it at ground level, diaphragm walls with steel struts are being constructed. Roxy Pacific is the developer for 120 Grange Road Freehold Condo. The plot of land was brought over by Roxy Pacific Holdings and is one of the prime pieces of land located in the city area.

OBV will have enough Passenger Information Systems which will basically be plasma display screens. All the platforms will have them and they will be used to display key messages as well as arrival and departure times. In the spirit of supporting the visually impaired, tactile floors will be installed to guide them to the station exits. Enough public lavatories will be constructed at the concourse.

120 Grange Road Condo Beside Orchard Boulevard MRT Station

Enough fire extinguisher will be set up at various places and there will be fire alarms. All escalators will have Emergency stop buttons. Emergency train stop buttons will be mounted on the station platforms to prevent approaching trains from entering the station or leaving in case of an emergency. There will be ample emergency telephones at the platforms intercom systems will be installed in lifts to allow commuters to communicate with the Passenger Service Centre. With its sate of the art features, the Orchard Boulevard station is expected to foster development in the Thomson East Coast Line by opening it up to more people.

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