Orchard Road

Orchard road is found in Singapore. It’s an entertainment and most famous shopping street for loads of upscale boutiques, specialist and discount outlets and other fashion favourites. It is a 2.2 kilometre stretch with large trees on the roadside known for major tourist attraction. It has several malls that are connected with underpasses providing shade to sun and occasional rain. The underpass has an extensive infrastructure with underground pedestrian walkways.

Orchard Road 120 Grange Road Condo

The Orchard road has been in existence since it was a small lane, which used to host pepper farms and plantations of fruit orchards and nutmeg. The name was derived from these plantations that were common in the 19th century. Later on, people moved in with establishments such as wet markets, temples and centers for hawkers. In 1903, the first supermarket was set up on Orchard road followed by a departmental store in 1958. Afterwards, the landmark Tang Plaza was built demolishing the departmental store. 120 Grange is a new development by Roxy Homes located right in the heart of Orchard.

120 Grange Road Orchard Boulevard MRT Station

The Orchard Road became an entertainment hub in 1970’s after introduction of cinemas and larger malls. In 2009, Orchard road underwent a $40 million structural design that saw street tilling, installation of new street lamps and planter boxes. However, this were removed and paved way to advance structural features. Seasoned shoppers will today experience a huge entertainment hub comprising of different entertainment choices, fast and moving fashion, art galleries, designer threads and an endless list of upscale restaurants. There is a new launch 120 Grange Road right next to Orchard Boulevard MRT Station.

Some of the shopping centers found in Orchard Road are like T Galleria that deals with luxury goods, Ngee Ann City, which is the largest along the shopping belt, and Lucky plaza known to be crowded on Sundays with Philippines visiting various shops. Others are such as Orchard Central known to be the tallest vertical shopping complex in Singapore.

Roxy Homes Orchard Road Condo

The Orchard Road can be accessed via underground trains, buses, taxis and personal vehicles. The underground trains operate through three major stations which are important to the commuters and tourists traveling to the shopping centers and business district. Buses commute along Orchard Road 24 hours from Monday to Saturday with various bus stops such as Lucky Plaza, Orchard Plaza and Macdonald House. For shoppers using the taxi, they are official designated stands found at various shopping centers and the upscale hotels. If you are using a personal car, Orchard road can be assessed from the west using Napier Road. Other roads will also give access to the Singapore shopping street, which is one-way going to the South.

Orchard road still remains the most visited shopping destination with the world famous shopping facilities and leisure amenities once you visit Singapore.

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