Ion Orchard

Would you like to visit a shopping mall that will give you a chance to view the whole of Singapore city space? A new mall awaits you above Orchard Road in Singapore. You will no doubt be able to watch Singapore through modern Behold IM telescopes, the first one to be developed in Asia. They will surely offer you excellent views during the day or night.

You will no doubt remember how Orchard road used to look when it was full of nutmeg and orchard plantations. This article will offer all the details about Ion Orchard that you surely would like to know. The development is close to Roxy Homes 120 Grange Road and is a new freehold condo located next to Orchard Boulevard MRT Station.

Ion Orchard Shopping Centre Roxy Homes Orchard Condo

The Ion Orchard mall focuses on providing a unique shopping experience by setting high standards and offering excellent customer service. They have a toll-free number which customers can use to get all the information they require. They offer their visitors various portable chargers for a variety of mobile phones. Visitors can book a reservation on various restaurants that are located inside the mall. They can also book the cab from the convenience of their home or office. The development was brought over from the previous 120 Grange Road that comprises of 78 units. It is brought over by Roxy Homes.

Ion Orchard Shopping Mall Singapore

Ion Orchard is the home of delicious local cuisines. There are various savour bites that you can enjoy art various restaurants within the mall. If you are a first-time visitor to this mall, the meals here are scrumptious to make you experience the heritage of Singapore. You can experiment your taste buds with our unique delicacies. You can obtain $5 vouches if you fulfill the following requirements;
-You must register three days prior to attending the food trail.
-The trail will most start at 10 am and visitors are required to arrive at pick-up point by 9.50am

Ion Orchard Roxy Pacific Condo

There are several social amenities that make this mall an icon in Singapore including the following;The shops here stock various items including; jewellery. Handbags, electronics and fashion products amongst others. These are restaurants and pubs that offer various spots for fast foods, deli, and other confectionery products. You will always be offered excellent customer service at more 300 stores that are located inside the mall. The Ion art centre offers one of the best art designs of Singapore and Asia as well. If you have been searching for a unique mall in Singapore, then Ion Orchard should be your unique choice. Visit the mall today to get a clear picture of the best commercial centre in Singapore.

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