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Home is the nicest vocabulary there is. With real estate, you can never go wrong because; it provides the highest returns, with the least risks and will give you the greatest value to your investment. In fact, the best investment on earth is real estate. The basic principle of being successful in this prestigious investment is; Buy and wait, don’t wait to buy. With that said, that is why Roxy-Pacific Holdings are here; to help you in all matters real estate. So what exactly is Roxy-Pacific Holdings?

Roxy Pacific Holdings Grange Road Condo

Roxy-Pacific Holdings is a company established to offer hospitality and property solutions. Having been established in May 1967, Roxy-Pacific Holdings Limited has an incredible track record in offering their services in the Asian-Pacific Region. Roxy Pacific is the developer for 120 Grange Road Condo right next to Orchard Boulevard MRT Station. It is a freehold development located in Orchard Road.

With Roxy-Pacific Holdings, you can never go wrong because; the company’s real estate brand is associated with high value and quality services and has a sizeable portfolio of properties located in Singapore that range from; Shopping Centers, Hotels and Residential Properties.
By now you are probably wondering why Roxy-Pacific Holdings? A little knowledge on the amazing services you are bound to Roxy-Pacific Holdings will go a long way in helping you understand why you need their services.

Roxy Homes 120 Grange Road Freehold Condo

Roxy-Pacific Holdings, is listed on the SGX Main board. The company was principally established so as to offer real estate services. Some of the services offered at Roxy-Pacific Holdings include;
1. Development and sale of residential properties
2. Development and sale of commercial properties
Some of the hotel ownerships and properties investments under Roxy-Pacific Holdings include; hotels in Katong, Singapore Roxy, self-managed upscale boutique hotels, Japan, Kyoto, Noku Kyoto and Grand Mercure.
Roxy-Pacific Holdings is a trusted brand property development with small and medium sized residential properties like condominiums and residential apartments that are mainly focused to target the upper, middle and small income earners in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.
From the above impressive facts, it is true that there is something for everyone at Roxy-Pacific Holdings, remember information is based on knowledge; a little knowledge on our portfolio will influence your purchase decision this season.

120 Grange Road Condo is a freehold development anticipated by buyers who are looking for a freehold development in the city area. The developer is Roxy Homes.

Orchard Boulevard MRT Station Roxy-Pacific Homes

Residential Apartments
· Some of the Current Openings include; The Hensley (Sydney Australia), New World Towers, The Colony by Infinitum, Octavia Killara and Trilive.
· Some of the Past Launches include; The Lucet, Veranda, Treescape and Jupiter 18
· Some of the Commercial Apartments For Sale include; EON SHENTON
· Commercial apartments for lease include; Roxy Square Shopping Center, 8 Russel Street Causeway Bay in Hong Kong.
· In Hospitality you are bound to enjoy; Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy, Noku Roxy and Roxy Resort Chalong Bay.
Remember, decisions are based on knowledge. Feel free to visit Roxy-Pacific Holdings because there is something for everyone.

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